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The Human Race 2: Healing & Giving Thanks

November 25, 2021

Hello Everybody!! On today's Special Thanksgiving Edition, The Human Race Roundtable Series presents Healing & Giving Thanks! Today's Special Guests are Nicole Morales, Chrystopher The Astro Medium, Jeremy Malcolm, Kara Mosher & Brandon Thomas! These people are all so terrific in doing their part to help humanity continue it's awakening process to Truth and Love. From podcasting to one on one energy work to writing books and making music; this is one talented and diverse group of individuals.

In today's show we cover some traumas we each had to overcome and what it was like when we faced ourselves. We discuss our realizations of reality and how we can help others come to their own realizations. We also give some tips at the end for grounding and getting in touch with your psychic abilities (because everyone is psychic!!). A lot of beautiful sharing and growth lies within this conversation!

Please check out all of the guests & show them some love!!

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