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#73 Ryan Aleckszander: Anatoly Fomenko & Timeline Deception

November 21, 2021

Hello Everybody! On today's episode I have on Special Guest Ryan Aleckszander! Ryan is an author, researcher and world traveler. He has written several books and studies alternative health as well as alternative history, art history and Anatoly Fomenko's work into the timeline deception, known as New Chronology.

In this episode Ryan really blows my mind and presents me with the idea that nothing in recorded history from the year 0-1000 can accurately be trusted. Is that missing 1000 years because it was Christ's Millenial Kingdom? We talk about the mud floods being more than just a one time event. We discuss the theory of Tartarians not building these structures, but instead just taking them over. This episode is very mind blowing.

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