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#72 Danunaki Dan: Bock Saga For Beginners

November 18, 2021

Hello Everybody! On today's episode I have on Special Guest Danunaki Dan! Dan is co-host of Rising From The Ashes Podcast and the Roots Of Creation Podcast. Dan has been researching the ancient roots of humanity for years, as well as many conspiracy theories.

In this episode Dan & I discuss The Bock Saga. Dan gives us an introduction to Bock Saga, where it comes from and how it may be the root of all creation. We talk about the language we use and how easily you can see connections from one word to another using basic sounds. We get into the different weird practices of these self proclaimed "devils" as well. This is a great introduction to Bock Saga and you can definitely dive deeper into it on his new podcast Roots of Creation, as well as on his original podcast Rising From The Ashes and our Good buddy Andy Rouse's show The Deep Share Podcast.

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