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#71 Gary Wayne: Biblical Giant Bloodlines & Prophecy

November 16, 2021

Hello Everybody! On today's episode I have on Special Guest Gary Wayne! Gary is a Christian contrarian, researcher and author. He is author of The Genesis 6 Conspiracy and is in the middle of writing 2 books! 1 is a sequel to The Genesis 6 Conspiracy and the other is about Biblical Prophecy.

In this episode Gary & I talk about all the different bloodlines and races of giants that we have come to know as the nephilim. There are actually far more names for them; raphaim, anakim, scythians and others. I ask Gary about Tartaria and the biblical connection it may have to it. Gary brings a whole bunch of information and presents it in a very beautiful, exact way.

Find Gary on his website where you can contact him and ask him for documents that you are interested in looking at and you can order his book straight from there: https://genesis6conspiracy.com/

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