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#69 Taylor Ann: Sophia is the Biblical Feminine Wisdom

November 11, 2021

Hello Everybody! On today's episode I have on Special Guest Taylor Ann aka Spiritual Penguin!! Taylor Ann has been living on a boat with her husband and parents for the past 6 months, sailing around the country. Taylor Ann is a woman of Christ and has made many explorations into spirituality in different arenas and has come out being blessed with a relationship with Jesus Christ.

In this episode we delve into her experiences going from Oregon to San Diego, falling out of the church but being renewed by the grace of God bringing an old friend back into her life when she needed the relationship with Christ the most. She tells of fantastical stories of healings happening in front of your eyes at a mega church, herself being one of them. She really gets into Sophia Wisdom and helps me understand the Bible from the feminine point of view and introduces a different way of seeing wisdom.

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