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#68 A Case Of The Mondays Part 2: The Story Of Jason

November 7, 2021

Hello Everybody! Welcome to episode #68 with Special Guest Jason Monday! Jason is a father, husband, head coach and above all a knower of Jesus Christ. He has traversed some dark waters and has come to see the beauty in God, life and the Bible. He is co-host with his brother on Josh Monday Christian and Conspiracies. In today's episode we get into Jason's story. We talk about his life and he gets into some of the things he's overcome. We talk about the Bible and I ask him some pretty hard hitting questions on some particular hard to answer questions about the Bible and he does a great job of explaining things. He definitely helped me to see things differently than I may have perceived them at one time. I know it can definitely help many people to hear some of these questions answered. For example; why didn't God like the "goddess worship"? You'll have to listen to find out! Nimrod, lent and child sacrifice has something to do with it...

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