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#66 Pastor Jim Wilhelmson: We Are In Biblical Times

November 2, 2021

Hello Everybody! On today's episode I have on Special Guest Pastor Jim Wilhelmson! Jim is a pastor, a knower of Jesus Christ and has come a long way from motorcycle gangs and LSD to battling alien abductions using the name of Jesus Christ!

In today's episode we get into the 4 main alien groups that the Bible talks about, as well as the 4 most well known groups of aliens discussed in the abduction phenomenon. We discuss current events and how that lines up with the Bible. Jim gives his opinions on some behind the scenes operations that may be taking place and we also discuss some other theories surrounding individuals who have had similar characteristics as Jesus Christ throughout historical documentation. 

Find Jim at his website: http://www.echoesofenoch.com/ or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jim.wilhelms...

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