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#64 Whitney: Post Rapture World

October 28, 2021

Hello Everybody! Welcome to episode #64 with Special Guest Whitney! Whitney is a mother, a wife and a follower of Jesus Christ who she has come to know as Yeshua. Her and I met in a Tartaria Facebook Group and she mentioned something about the Millenial Kingdom already occurring that blew my mind.

Has the Millenial Kingdom of a 1,000 year reign of Christ already occurred? Has the rapture already occurred? Is the Byzantine Empire part of that 1,000 year of Millenial Kingdom? Is Tartaria the perverted version of the Millenial Kingdom? Are nephilim best represented by clowns? We ask these questions and discuss the possibilities in this episode.

Here are the youtube links I mentioned in the intro:

Satan Unbound (Full Documentary) Part 1

Satan Unbound II: Proof Satan is loose from the abyss

The Nephilim Looked Like Clowns

The Nephilim Looked Like Clowns 2

The Babel Effect ( The Great Vowel Shift )

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