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#60 Malcolm Welch: Rising From The Ashes

October 17, 2021

Hello Everybody! On today's episode I have on Special Guest Malcolm Welch! Malcolm is a friend and client. He is a really good man and he has made a complete overhaul of himself since we met. He looks, sounds & feels better. He has a glow about him that is very radiant, all of you will surely benefit from it. He gave me a really good review as well, which was so amazing. It was completely unprovoked and I definitely didn't ask him to do or say anything. Malcolm is just a really genuine guy looking to help anybody he can.

In this episode we start the conversation without Mimi, but she comes in halfway thru to finish the episode. Malcolm & I had a good time discussing ourselves, Malcolm's story and just our thoughts on life. We also talked about the book 'Anna' briefly, which is a book about Jesus's alleged grandmother. The conversation got a bit spicy there for a bit. But, because we are all family here, the conversation went out fine once we steered out of that topic.

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