GODCAST: The Goodness Over Darkness Podcast

#6 Darkness Fading…

April 24, 2021

Hello Everybody! Welcome to episode 6! This episode is about all of the other parts of the darkness, trauma and characteristics that I hadn't yet touched on. A bit about my relationship with my mom, how anger was the first emotion I knew to use and much more. The first 30 seconds have dogs barking and something else happening to the audio, but the rest is fine. I also said the wrong URL at the end!

My new website is tinyurl.com/Goodness-Over-Darkness In the episode I say mytinurl.com but that is not the website lol. Or you can go to thegreatchakraawakening777.podbean.com to find all my latest episodes, the Facebook page, my Youtube account and content from my interviews on other podcasts.

You can contact me @ TheGreatChakraAwakening777@gmail.com

Twitter @WalksWithNatur1


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