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#59 Michelle Gibson: Energy Field Distortions & Time Loops

October 14, 2021

Hello Everybody! On today's episode I have on Special Guest Michelle Gibson! Michelle is a wonderful researcher of our not too distant past. She has done extensive research, has blogged and made videos about all of this for years. She is guided by intuition and is founded in evidence. She started with the basic concept of cities across North America being in straight lines and went from there.

In this episode we get into so much about the different possibilities of what occurred and when. Time loops, The Philadelphia Experiment, 1492 - 1942 with 1717 being directly in the middle, when certain members of secret societies were born, the significance of the Irish Great Frost in 1740-41 and how that was possibly a landing spot for the Philadelphia Experiment. A lot of theories get thrown around by both of us as we try to imagine what happened in the past based on the new evidence we have come across.

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