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#58 Kara Mosher: Quantum Awakening & Jesus Christ

October 12, 2021

Hello Everybody! On today's episode I have on a guest who has awakened so quickly that she best describes it as a quantum awakening (and I love that term!). She is a podcast host, author and former camera person for red carpet events. She helped heal herself by sending love to the person who she hated most in the world in June 2020, Donald Trump. She then got off of antidepressants which made her attempt suicide, which she believes is caused by the withdrawal from the meds that she was placed on for nearly a decade. She had been misdiagnosed and put on the meds to make her "normal". In reality, she was just always sensitive to energies and very empathic. She has since come to know herself and God in a way that she didn't think possible at one time. She has started a relationship with Jesus Christ and we have a story in here that may blow your minds in how connected to Christ we both are. Kara is an amazing person and this episode is going to help heal many people.

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