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#57 Bruce de Torres: RFK‘s Assassination

October 10, 2021

Hello Everybody! Welcome to Episode #57 with Returning Guest Bruce de Torres! Bruce is author of the book 'God, School, 9/11 & JFK'. We had him on episode #36 and we went over the 4 subjects mentioned in the title of his book. But after reading the book, I realized how little attention RFK's murder was and he covered in pretty well in his book as an aside. So we really got into that, as well as discussing the assistance Bruce has given me and the other project he is currently working on; which is a roundtable once a month that is broadcast, as well as a zoom meeting that you can join in on to ask questions and get further involved. 

Bruce asked for this to be put in the show notes: "I accurately described how coronaviruses were defined as the common cold in one particular medical book. But I should have also said that (C)(19) is not merely the common cold. While often only flu-like, it also caused, in numbers impossible to say with certainty, strange symptoms (oxygen deprivation, blood problems, etc.). And many experts, banned from mainstream and social media, say that it has proof of being man-made along the lines of being a bioweapon. -Bruce de Torres"

You can find Bruce on his website: https://brucedetorres.com/

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