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#56 Paul Fitzgerald & Elizabeth Gould: Mystical Imperialism of Afghanistan

October 7, 2021

Hello Everybody! Welcome to episode #56 with a couple of Special Guests Paul Fitzgerald & Elizabeth Gould! Paul & Liz have been journalists for 40+ years. They have been researching and traveling to Afghanistan for 40+ years. They have been part of some very big world events. Their knowledge of these topics doesn't just stop on the surface level, they know it very intimately. They go to the deep depths of the mystical realms as well.

In this episode we get into all of this. Who some of the players who created this situation are/were. How that relates to today's politics. How that relates to "conspiracy theories". How that relates to the mystical imperialism. And how all of this combined for the pull out of American military from Afghanistan in 2021. We also talk about the Soviets pulling out in the 1980's and how Paul & Liz were involved with that process. We also get into how they knew something was coming when 9/11 occurred, but of course they didn't know what the event was or the magnitude that it would have on the world. They are such a great couple and this episode will really knock your socks off, I know it did for me.

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