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#50 Ryan Zehm: Christian Tartarians

September 23, 2021

Hello Everybody! Welcome to episode #50 with Special Guest Ryan Zehm! Ryan is a researcher and computers expert. He has made his own video game, he transfers popular videos into dvd so that they can be owned without the assistance of tech companies. Ryan is very Godly. He observes Jesus Christ and he has a unique look onto the largest conspiratorial subject matter that exists today, Tartaria. He digs deep into very old (some might consider ancient) books, maps, diaries, hand written letters and all sorts of documents that were produced long, long ago. He searches through libraries and on the internet these documents and presents them throughout his YouTube channel. We cover so many different subject matters in this interview. It was 3 hours and it could have gone 12, the way we were going back and forth, having our ideas build off of one another. It was quite amazing. I often say things that sound outlandish, but then I find information later on that support and strengthen this view. Well, Ryan is the opposite of that. He finds the information and then comes to a conclusion. Turns out that much of his research confirms much of my outlandish thoughts. This is an episode for the ages. Being a milestone episode, it is only appropriate that my guest brings the most epic fire episode to date. You do not want to miss 1 minute of this conversation. He has no social media and no cell phone. He is true to his word in his disdain for tech companies and the spying that they do. But, make sure you check out his youtube and website!

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