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#21 Vira Shanti: Etheric Surgery 101

July 4, 2021

Hello Everybody! Welcome to episode #21! In today's episode I have on Super Psychic Amy Spicer aka Vira Shanti! This episode is so so so good! She helps me so much by giving me alternative practices that I can start doing, she performs etheric surgery on me (well, she leads my team in the specific direction), she sees my girlfriend enter the room thru my eyes and it blows my mind lol. This a very fun episode. Hope ya'll like it. Definitely go check her out!

Find Amy/Vira on IG: @alaughingspice

Check out her website: https://www.virashanti.com/

Or go to her linktree: https://linktr.ee/ViraShantiPhilly

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